The activity "List of accept the money"

Want to learn the exercise, which will attract money in your life? Making this exercise
regularly, you start to systematically develop their money consciousness.

Only 2-3 times per week for 15 minutes and your unconscious scope will begin search for you money itself.

An additional bonus of this exercise is to create fertile ground for thinking rich person.

Want to know what is a wonderful activity? So.

The activity "The activity "List of accept the money"

Find a quiet place where you cannot distracted during the 15-20 minutes.

Clean sheet of A4 its hand write the title: I need money for:

Under this heading write list all what you need. Make this list your desired machines, apartments, luxury, etc. Inhibit themselves desire for this list. In the drafting of "working" list "will help you not harmful, bad dream not to dream. Let your list consists of 20-30 items. You can no longer.

Next to each item write its value in spot currency.

As a result of your action be list desires with the specified value. Can summarize for readability.

This is all! The activity is completed.

-And all?! -ask you-and where the same miracles? What is the secret?

Secret is simple!

First, when you write the list included fantasy and you're not render is configures your unconscious scope for movement.

Second, when you federate this list starts currency Act No. 1. The Act states: "money so much how much you need. The list of updates need and, consequently, begins attract money and listed benefits in your life. More about all the monetary laws, and how to use it I talk on training I money magnet.

In conclusion, I wish to say that The activity "List of accept the money " used as regular reception for attracting money in their lives.

One of my students said: "when I urgently need a large amount of money I sit down and write this list. At the time of writing, I already know that the money will appear. They can appear anywhere, but this does not bother me-I know that they will. Incidentally, this person in 2007 got money and wealth of about 600 thousand dollars.

For me it is worked and you! Use.