on the money". So what you want to change to finally become rich? "Money" to know about
the business of psychologists.

Wealth is a consequence of human mentality

All consultants declares: "change their lives for the better you can, if you change its view
on the money". So what you want to change to finally become rich? "Money" to know about
the business of psychologists.

Psychologists believe that such material characterization as the amount of money in his pocket, determines the phenomenon is absolutely invisible-his thoughts. For example, Andrew, who works in the municipal low-level does not lazy and stupid. But he was confident that earn much money in our country cannot in principle.

"I work with: I am going early and late in the evening, when the guard starts already tolling keys. No confusing. For two years I flew only junior to lead with wage, which is not even enough to travel to Turkey. When the free space Deputy Chief of Division I happy, but the vacancy left "to" sister-in-law one of the leaders of our departments. And everywhere so chances "earn" and become rich has only those with communication, "summarizes Andrei.

Such thoughts as specialists to attract money clearly not become rich. "Wealth is a consequence of human mentality. To earn and to save money, you must have the mentality of human attracts and incrementing money "is convinced Olga Victor pesos, business-psychologist, Director of the company" The leader of the Group".

Similar to The leader of the Group? Anything-today few people agreed that "the idea is tangible and everyone brings their lives what he thinks. "This is obvious-if people sure, for example, that with large money not cope if he considers that" money-the root of all misery ", then, of course, the money will be circumvented for kilometer," says business coach, head of the Centre "Sinton" Igor Hloponin.

Similar to the truth. Indeed, if the "dig" deeper, Andrei not dismissed from work, on which it is not appreciated, because I am sure-with work in commercial entity he cope, and "big money" he never shine.

"Stupid dream to be a millionaire. I did 10 years. My father was a simple engineer, mother as a teacher, I am not grasping stars from heaven. So suddenly I fabulous become rich and become Vilom Gates? "-experiencing.

Think otherwise!

This psychologists and recommend replacing the "Preferences" on the money. Yes, the first thing you need to disposed of head all kinds of "stamps," such as: "an honest man cannot become rich", "big money except then and blood", "on jeeps carrying travel only bandits" and so on. Otherwise, it is these stereotypes will determine further lives and wellbeing.

Naturally, such a change of life benchmarks is only possible in case if you really want to change something in their life, and not continue to hide behind the wall of their fears and life scenarios, imposed by the parents.

Beginning psychologists were advised to change the status of its habitual thoughts. Want to try to understand what negative thoughts and feelings arise in various situations involving money and begin their control.

If you pay each time with trouble think: here again, these "farthings" that is not enough, then you need to change the "installation" and start thinking about how to correctly plan costs that amount had not only the costs, but also on deposit or another version of capital accumulation.

Ahead is waiting for wealth and not poverty, here's what it's worth to believe otherwise become rich! Surely if you win the lottery or inheritance.

Critical also once and for all learn that money is not bad and not good in themselves. They do not make human worse or better, if only people originally not inclined to one or the other. Money is only a tool, energy, resource that can produce and happiness and unhappiness. All depends on the thought.

So negative installation sent to the Recycle Bin, that same can help to increase revenues? Again thought. ? If the "drink blood" and pay a penny, then, is to develop a plan of work and think of other ways to increase their wealth.

You know that, in principle, you can expect, what company and that this is required, what skills you need to further develop. If the transition to higher-paying position you want to learn a foreign language or get second higher education, you need to work on these and implement rests.

Only without fanaticism

But quite often, such "victims" did not required! You only need to begin the search for work, contact the staffing agency, to draw up a summary, enquires about vacancies acquaintances. Paradox, but even these simple steps to many sometimes seem financially unsustainable.

"My son for eight years. I work comfortably in consulting company Senator, when he was only two years. While it was important for me to find a place that would have allowed often mothers in kindergarten, outpatient clinic, and so on. All and get it to work. But now the son already in school and I all at the same position and with the same wage. During this time many of my friends have already done career, establishing homes apartments and machines. And I all sign on the ground, "complains referrer Svetlana.

When business-psychologist invited it to draw up a summary and send to potential employers, this caused her controversial. "I don't have time to go to all of these interviews and circulate summaries. The same would have to be spent on new costume. Now, if someone noticed and invited me to work, then I would gladly shifted, "explained it. But still nobody Svetlana not invited.

By the way, quite often negative for money and career counseling are associated with an understated self-assessment. To grow in their eyes, psychologists suggest to engage in such and frequently communicate with successful people. From them, by the way, you can hear sound and useful advice concerning money, business or investment.

In short, the influence of thought on the welfare-not the crux of the supernatural. True to my thought process in magnet for money have to learn tips specialists on positive thinking.

Come, come wealth!

What to do to attract money into their lives

- Find out how much money for the coming years.

- To draw up a plan to increase their income.

- To adhere to this plan.

- Think and talk about money only good.

- Enhance their self-esteem and life-long learning in the area of personal finance.

- Listen to successful, the booming people and learn from them towards money.

- Gladly give gifts.

- Plan their personal finances.

- Invest money to get income.

- Read the magazine "money". :)

What do to attract money into their lives

- Not to wait for the "gift".

- Laziness.

- Does not make you the envy and not miser.

- Not to go and not to discuss the problems of other people.

- Do not assign someone else.

- Do not allow themselves to be deceive and deceive.

- Not to install themselves financial "ceiling" above which cannot jump.

In the end: if head settled negative for money, they're breaking. However, a "thought" little. You want to further efforts to change lifestyles and range of communication.