The path of attraction money

When you receive the "" and the law of attraction is "" for the secret of attraction, the desired result,
many people want, first of all, learn to work with money attraction.
After this they will wonder how to attract romantic relationships, cars, houses,
happiness and all the rest. But money is the first for most people. So how you
more money? Here are seven ways:

1. Give money away.
This seems to be deprived of common sense, but the more you are, the more you get (if you do not block receipt that is associated with the next step). Give openly and freely wherever you receive spiritual satisfaction.

2. Get clear.
Many people are discouraged from their hidden limiting beliefs, such as money is evil "or" rich people are bad. These beliefs are not fact. Sweat them and money will to you (unless you perform the next step). Cleaning may be equally easy as special audio or an equally powerful as your coach, miracle of miracles (the Coach).

3. Take action.
Too many people sits and waits, when money materialize right in front of them. I believe in magic and miracles, but I also believe that your role in the process of attraction of money to do something to bring them into your life. Proceed on the basis of your ideas. Now. "Money love speed" is my favorite prayer/a mantra. If you do not begin to act now, you'll see your idea would be little else attracts money.

4. Support a cause.
Many people enticed because money because they do not feel worthy of them. One way to circumvent this (while you are working on removing within itself) is that of wanting money for large (stressing about) purposes. I created a site "Yes" to end homelessness (think is translated). Get hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) for such reasons will remove any restrictions prosperity in me. While I don't get and cents from "Yes, my work will attract money me in other ways, such as contacts and goodwill, which I'm going. In short, wishes to money more reasons than your own ego.

5. The Get support.
One of the most wise things you can do to achieve any goal is to create a group or join an existing group dedicated to this purpose. I am co-author, meet and myself become like an rich with Bill Hobbler. Visit seminar can give you the same result. (One such seminars on will wealth will take place in may in Austin, Texas).

6. Be grateful.
This is enormous. Be grateful for the money you have-which probably are true wealth for starving people in third world countries Ц and you'll attract more money. Thanks sends a signal to the assessment, which brings you more so that you will be grateful. Start with the fact that you can be sincerely grateful today.

7. Do what you love.
There is no point in working with something that you hates. If you don't like your job, find a way to use this time, at the same time undertaking that you like. Follow your passionate passion is the greatest secret, when it comes to attraction of wealth. Each from Donny Deuce to Donald towers, Bill Gates, including me, agrees that passion (anything) (joint with other steps above) is your ticket to financial freedom.

And, finally, expect success.

Mood expectations - waiting for you now attracts game had, money and ask: "I wonder where and how the reservoir money will arrive to me today?"-will keep your brain turned to search and find opportunities. You then must take fearless action when you see them.

In the area of money. Glossary of terms

Exchange-legal person providing the regular functioning of organized market exchange, securities and derivatives. Previously, Exchange called place or building where collected at certain hours trading people and intermediaries, stockbrokers deals in securities or commodities.

Before the era of the computerization of transactions by negotiated orally. Now bid for the most part are electronically using specialized programs. Brokers in their interests or the interests of clients are portrayed in trading systems applications to buy or sell securities (currency, goods). These applications are being met by reciprocal applications other traders. Exchange leads before posting transactions, organizes and ensures settlings, provides a mechanism for the delivery versus payment.

Normally, Exchange receive Commission fee on each prisoner transactions, and this is the main source of their income. Other sources may be membership fees, fees for access to bid, the sale of the exchange of information.

In different countries and even within one country device varies greatly exchanges. However, despite differences, try to isolate and outline the typical organizational and structural signs build commodity exchanges.

In terms of organizational and legal form of the Exchange generates priority in the form of joint stock companies. At the same time, it can be and partnerships, limited liability companies, mixed partnerships and even private enterprise.

Most stock exchanges are joint-stock companies (JSC). Their actions are not eligible. Thus the governing bodies of the Exchange are able to distill wishing to become shareholders, to prevent the infiltration into walk-ins. This approach to some extent justified by the fact that Exchange uses many million-man amounts, and therefore the risk of getting is unfamiliar, random people with unknown reputation desirable to minimize.

In accordance with the organizational and legal forms of management of the Exchange in the vast majority do not relate to public organizations (although in principle there are public exchanges), but businesses of non-State forms of ownership. Their incomes are mainly due to income from clients, participants in wholesale trade carried out by the Exchange.

Members of the Exchange might not only citizens of their country, but also foreign citizens and organizations (legal persons), which legally authorized to do business. However, not every person and not any organization can become members of the Exchange. Should comply with its Statute and have sufficient seed capital to pay very major shareholding contribution or buy almost as expensive broker's place on the stock exchange. To the same Member can become only by a decision of the Stock Exchange Council.

Managing Exchange, structure and functions of Government are in stock. The supreme body of control is the general meeting of Exchange members, carried out, as a rule, once a year. This as a legislative body, defining statutory form and issuing policy decisions in the field of speculators. The functions of the Assembly is the adoption of the Constitution and other statutes, modified and additions, the election of the Stock Exchange Council, creating and closing branches, consideration and adoption of the annual reports. The general meeting is intended to define objectives and strategy development exchange. In Russia such as meeting before the ' assemblies Exchange society.

The highest executive organ of the Council, the stock exchange is also called the Board of Directors (governors). The size and composition of the Board of Directors is determined by the general meeting of members (shareholders) Exchange. Exchange Council meets normally not less than once a month or even weekly. This checkpoint selection body performing the current administration of Exchange. He has the right to address any issue falling within the exclusive competence of the General Assembly represents and protects the interests of all members of the Exchange.

Among the functions directly executed by the Stock Exchange Council are preparing to hold a general meeting of Exchange members of the Executive Directorate, leadership, financial affairs, the establishment of an interim regime work Exchange, tendering, monitoring the growth of prices, the Organization for the selection and registration of brokers etc. decisions of the Stock Exchange Council on this range of functions are required for all members and employees of the Exchange.

For operational day-to-day administrative and commercial and financial activities of the Exchange appoints the Board or the Executive Directorate. The functions of this body includes the enforcement of the Stock Exchange Council current problems arising in the activities of the Exchange, interaction between units, rapid intervention when failures, the day-to-day management of Exchange processes.

At major exchanges Board creates a Directorate. In this case, the Board could assume part of the function of the Stock Exchange Council and Directorate is operational.

Structure operational management is usually quite complicated. First of all, internal organs are allocated to Central and peripheral, external Exchange. The first is usually located in the building of the Exchange, are its primary work machine directly manages and administers tendering, guide and the type of the transaction. The peripheral authorities unlike central not main and auxiliary functions of pre-and post-sales service, customer service, sellers and buyers of the goods on the ground. They may be in any part of the country where the primary demand and supply of goods. Such external bodies represented typically local offices, branches exchanges and brokerage offices. They are a central Exchange collects and take orders for Exchange services. The field offices as brokers Ч host orders.

We focus on describing the authorities exchange and its participants. To this end, we will identify the major parts, the main features of the Exchange and define briefly participants stockbrokers. Brokerage offices and companies give trading system Exchange applications and contribute to their promotion to sources of demand (if applications) and suggestions (if the purchase request, transactions. Brokers mediate between seller and buyer of goods between their interests, and at the same time as plenipotentiaries operating companies confidants owners marketed the product and its buyers (the word "broker" means "intermediary", "accompanying", "an Appraiser"). Brokers have their fixed space on Exchange and integral part of its structure.

Persons engaged in the Exchange mediation on its behalf and for their own account, called unlike brokers, dealers. A natural person or firm undertaking stock the transactions.

Exchange committees (Commission) perform specific, predefined range of functions of the preparation and conduct of the Exchange process. Typically, these include committees on the rules of the exchange of trade, on standards and quality, information exchange service. This special unit exchanges.

The Committee on the rules of busy drafting new rules and changes in the existing rules of the exchange of trade, the preparation of model contracts, the monitoring of compliance with the rules and regulations, familiarity with the rules of the persons concerned.

The Committee on standards and quality standards, is formulating a stock of goods quality examination submitted tenders, prepares expert.

The Committee, on the basis of market, previously completed transactions, determines the average and the ratio of the price of a stock of goods, i.e. conducts listed products. At the same time he prepares Exchange Bulletin reference prices. It publishes data on minimum and maximum values of the prices at which committed the transaction at the Exchange. This bulletin is for brokers.

Information services provide traffic information electronically and information service in accordance with the procedure and conduct of the Exchange process technology. At the heart of the Exchange is operation Hall, a separator for specialized trade sections, each of which is busy or certain types of perpetration of commercial transactions or transactions on groups and types of products. At major exchanges have up to five and more such sections.

The final connection offers for sale and purchase requisition is the so-called stock ring ("Exchange pit"), has the primary role of the scene. Transactions are considered stock if they concluded publicly within that territory.

In the stock ring reigns Bal law of supply and demand, although it does not quite freely. Price is emerging and, depending on the individual positions and assessments of the parties to the deal, primarily brokers-sellers and brokers-buyers. To commit and recording transactions in the structure of Exchange selects the Registrar (the Committee). Its primary function is to documenting the current stock price, which accepted by the two parties involved in the transaction. To ensure money transactions associated transaction required calculations conducts clearing house.

In addition to these basic elements of the stock exchange device structures that characterize, in its composition should include the Exchange Arbitration Commission. It is designed to resolve conflict situations and thereby provide legal, legal order.

The Commission may submit to Exchange public Commissioners have the right to access any of the exchange of information.

Let's principled operating exchanges of bidding. It should be borne in mind that each Exchange inherent in their own particular organization governed by a process which constantly evolves stock case.

Stock Exchange members may exercise only personally or through its authorized, as well as stockbrokers on behalf of the members of the Exchange. Therefore, the client that wants to buy or sell their goods through Exchange must first contact the brokerage is a member of the Exchange, and to contact the broker Ч many million-man orders. Client fills out the order form and passes it to the Plenipotentiary broker. All these preliminary, start-up operations may be outside of the Exchange, in peripheral organs. Only after the Plenipotentiary Broker sends the request and gives an indication of the broker is Director of the accounts, it comes to the central authorities of the Exchange. All Exchange services and operations for a fee. The client must himself bear the costs of the Exchange. Many exchanges prior to the execution of the order, the customer must make a down payment on account of the Exchange ("the margin"), consisting of up to 10% of the appraised value of the subject of the transaction. The margin is not used and ensuring exchange transaction by customer. If the customer paid simplistically transaction amounts, he is entitled to receive margin back.

Adopted Exchange application arrives at the trade section of the operating room, passing through the adopted remote and reception, and then is routed in a stock ring. Exchange may be prefiltering orders for drop-out inappropriate regulatory requirements or knowingly unrealistic.

The actual trades happen in the stock ring in the operating room. Stockbrokers, members who have the right to deal with the application from their clients send requests in stock brokerage firm ring representative directly participating in bids. Along with brokers in actual bargaining participate as leading and locking transaction stockbrokers included in staff exchanges. Bidders decided to issue cards of different colors. Thus, brokers usually blue or red cards and brokers is green. Broker assistants often have a yellow card. Due to the fact that in the stock room usually noisy during bidding brokers and stockbrokers who communicate by raising the cards or gestures (listed there is the traditional sign language). Usually are set begins with a leading Broker messages on products offered for sale. If the message has sparked interest from brokerage's present brokers, wishing to purchase goods, they confirm this, raising up the arm with the card. After the announcement of the entire list and a small break begins discussion on proposals brokers-sellers. Ideally, the proposal responds interested buyer broker, i.e. the contractor wishing to purchase a whole lot. And the transaction immediately. If this fails, then discusses counter-proposals brokers-buyers about the conditions in which they agree to purchase a product or part of it. The failure to conclude a deal it is deferred and considered the following proposals.

When you reach agreement between the seller and broker broker-buyer (in the form of their oral agreement on reciprocity conditions) broker records transaction record registration card. The record reveals that the transaction is enclosed.

As given description bidding extremely simplified in order to facilitate perception process in General. Real tender procedure much more sophisticated and diversity shaped. Conduct of largely depends on the type of transactions, as well as from the established at each Exchange traditions, level facilities currently available exchanges cover premises, funds transfer and display information, computing technology. There are a variety of branches from the main schema and its variations. Especially true to emerging emerging exchanges, functioning under the conditions of establishment of market relations.