How to treat money

Everyone, no matter how profitable anything, whatever savings nor owned to have as much money.
Of course, that in order to achieve financial well-being must make a lot of effort.
However, there are simple tricks that can help solve financial problems.

How to attract money? Ancient wisdom and new-fashioned Orgy life of parapsychology one to money themselves "go" to you, and not from you, you must treat money with respect and play for special "cash" regulation.

Let's start with the purse. Firstly, do not buy cheap wallets. They themselves are energy poverty and serious money almost no chance of their visit. Secondly, notice the color and material from which it is constructed.
The most suitable materials remain leather and chamois and colors, accumulating the well-being, not bad: Brown, black, gold.

Very many put in purse photographs of loved ones who are the custodians of the powerful energy charge, but non-financial. Moreover, photo purse may prevent pull of money, and, on the contrary, energy, money can influence through the photographs on the people, with unpredictable side.

And here's special "money drives, mascots be recommended. Thus, Calluna in large quantities of energy that is material he exerted a money in your purse, branch of the plants you anywhere.

The breeze or gum Pocket necessarily put not exchanging money to energy always attended inside. For example, the most well-known and common currency amulet Americans-"first dollar", earned makes a fortune in the General Ledger.

Not recommended not exchanging money purse, pockets of -broken, all bills in purse must be aligned and purse face to master. According to attract money, you must accept the ancient at night to go to young month show him the money and ask them more. Help the burden on-preferably: this results in increased welfare. But avoid the offloads.

Also, remember that you cannot put the purse on the floor, and the money will not be. It is considered bad the sign take evening or to consider them on Monday evening. You do not want to stand on the threshold, not to went into the House of well-being.

After sunset money not believe-not to left. Do not put money on the table, not the cleaning in the House after dusk is lost.

The money generated from stray from nowhere (even found purse, don't surrender in the shop) is not a gift of God, and vice versa. For this money to pay diseases, misfortune with close people.

With regard to debt, credit, recommendations here: debt prefer morning and evening-money not native; Monday not give money, otherwise all week will cost.

However, don't forget: If money - all you have to do is all you get. "

Happiness, love and kindness and lack of material problems!

In the area of money. Glossary of terms

PURCHASE and SALE. On sale one party (the seller), undertakes to transmit a thing (item) in the property to another party (the buyer), and the buyer agrees to accept it and pay for a certain amount of money (price).

Commodity for sale can be anything (subject to regulation under article 129 ledger RF).

The contract may be concluded on the sale of the product, available from the seller at the time of conclusion of the Treaty, as well as product that will be created or acquired by the seller in the future, unless otherwise provided by law or not stems from the nature of the product.

Condition of the contract of sale of goods is considered to be consistent if Treaty allows you to specify the name and quantity of the item.

Treaty of retail sale, the seller, which operates on the sale of goods retailer undertakes to pass to the buyer of the goods, intended for personal, family, home or other use not associated with the business.

Treaty of retail sale public contract.

The Treaty retail sales with buyer-citizen, outstanding ledger RF, apply consumer protection laws and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.

Unless otherwise provided by law or agreement retail sale, including conditions of forms or other standard forms which the buyer, the Treaty retail sales is considered to be concluded in due form since the issuance of the seller to the buyer cash or merchandise cheque or other document confirming payment product. Lack of buyer said documents does not deprive him of the testimony in support of the contract and its terms

Bilateral treaty-Treaty, in which both the contractual vested and rights and responsibilities. This Treaty represents the sum of the two commitments, in which each of its parties took a different position. For example, sales consists of the obligation to transmit thing in property to another party, where the debtor has advocated the seller and lender-buyer, and the oncoming obligations-to take the goods and pay a price for it, where the debtor is a buyer, seller and lender-.

Retail trade in goods and services for buyers for cash. This type of business does not include implementation of food and beverages, including alcohol, as in the package and packaging manufacturer and without them, bars, restaurants, cafЁ¦s and other locations.