We have a lot of money: prevents answers psychologists

Money is the relationship between people, social energy. And if people want to live in society
and not be lorikeet in the desert, without them, it is unlikely to become happy and successful.
As making friends with money and have them in abundance?

The category of "money" is different disciplines: in terms of the economy, money is the equivalent of the goods, from the viewpoint of Sociology-equivalent of communication and psychology, they can be considered as equivalent energy. On this we speak with psychologist Irina Billy.

People grows harvest spends energy, other catch fish also wasting energy. Before everything was simple: people exchanged their energy expended. Then for convenience as equivalent energy invented money. But, somehow, money remain energy.

Much depends on the will prove this energy: the creator or destroyer. And if the person were not raised to big money, most in his hands, usually results in tragedy.

Because the money is the relationship between people, this social power, and if people want to live in society and not be lorikeet in the desert, without them, it is unlikely to become happy and successful. Of course, each of us himself put their strips and amount.

When consciousness "for" and the subconscious "against"

-Are there people who do not want to have a lot of money?

-There are people who do not know that they do not want money-Irina surprised me answer immediately.

Man has what he wants. We consider the money as energy and people, "two" the amount (the amount of this energy either for yourself), begins to feel a certain sense. Very often this is fear, shame and guilt. They are blocking the energy of money.

-In General, everything is clear, but sings Kortnev: "... what you had in mind?"

-Start with that category of money is cultural aspect, which is based on ideology, pass from generation to generation and e.g. internal beliefs about money. With these beliefs can be laid at the subconscious level, and sometimes even not aware of them. That is unconscious said that happiness needed money and people to them ready, but in included a negative attitude towards money and subconscious he did not want to be rich. Because the big money is a great test and a heavy responsibility. This is a fundamentally different unfamiliar style of life. Some simply advantageous position victims: when you lean, you all spared, help and you do not have the claims.

-How the money is generated, which then hinders our conscience?

-Each of us is growing in a particular environment that generates from an early age related to money-so to speak, creates a specific "image of money". For example, planted in childhood idiom "poor" may rule on subconscious level override "channel" money. That is, if people grew up in a poor family and he was in it comfortably, subconscious level for it to become rich means to bring home to him the way of life. And some direct the unwillingness to take responsibility or change: "better poorly, but perfect," says their subconscious. Or another example: very distributed exclusively cultural stereotype "big money honestly haven't", which also prevents become rich. This legacy left in the system.

-But it cannot accept that large amounts of capital in our country fair by earn, indeed, virtually impossible.

-In fact, that this aspect of cultural and materialize relevant situation in the country. And if the change will be a stereotype and situation. Of course, today there are people who " not infected" this idea, and they are respectable money earned quite honestly.

Money either ready!- always ready!

-Each whether can become rich?

-Yes, but what price ... If people firmly decided to get big money that he must first learn to understand: ready it or not? I decided not to dwell on the last is my interview because it was too think deeply.

-What he needs money? that he would do with them?

-I think the purpose of all about the same. For example, give to your child education, help parents ... you know, people are so arranged that if he professed to be primarily not their needs, the energy has to earn money is, immediately "diagnosed" Irina. Is deception. The basis of earning primarily laid personal needs. How can I meet someone, if not satisfied?

-Turns money associated with selfishness, disappoint counting.

-Healthy egos! And this is normal when people acquire basic capital.

-For example, I determined that I needed money. What do I do? as I understand, is ready to wealth or not? money will benefit me or something untoward?

-Developed imagination can play a game. Imagine the amount already exists here and now. Your actions? With whom you share this news? Change your range of communication? Analyze their own actions from beginning to end. Now think about what emotions caused you this "procedure".

To write as you want to use the money (where you your time), and then check this pyramid Abraham Maslow " human needs". Determine what levels of the pyramid, you focused his capital. For example, you have 60% of the money spent on the publication of his own book, 30%-invest in shares of interesting you enterprise, while the rest have placed on "black day". This means that your needs are concentrated at self-expression, self-worth, and remaining needs-physiological and security (House, insurance)-you ignore. We can say that in the end, the quality of your life will not change. In addition, you are already program on "black day". People so arranged that he should meet basic physiological requirements, then the need for stability, security, etc. and if you are distributing capital, bypassed a pyramid, means you are not yet ready for money. You may simply tightness their needs or ignore them, and in this case requires psychological adjustment.



-Suppose people misunderstood in their true intentions, found that he really need money, and "agreed" with his the subconscious. success he guaranteed?

-No. Little money-you must learn to hold them.

There are three aspects of social competence, which is useful in itself to develop so that you can take money for nested energy. This is:

ability to dissociate themselves from unnecessary (ability to firmly say "no");

ability to apply not to suffer from the failure (I free contact-you are free to reject or accept);

ability to confrontation (ability to clarify the complex issues of the situation, openly express their feelings and views).

And if a man does not develops these social skills, the big money him have dangerously: either take or give them himself. But in any case, he will not.

-And if somebody does not sell its energy, and rewards, with big money?

In each case should be tried separately. Person can give money from feelings of guilt or shame ("all such poor, but I'm rich"). This adverse gift, the Bible says: " good faith stow road in hell". Indeed, if one looks forward, this gesture, usually called pathetic and humiliation. To determine the motivation of such a "gave", quite honestly answer the question: "why should I do?" the ability to give money important yet because their receipt and impact are one and the same "channel". And how, why and why we are conscious of the money, affect our ability to have them.

The charity?

-Money give useful with joy and easily. As written in the Bible, in the good case to allocate 10 per cent of income. In addition, their benefit activities is not confidential, otherwise this sponsorship, which has already been rewarded by a advertising of your virtue. To the person having the arts to give money and makes it or not offending anyone and not waiting for this award, his power is returned to the times and, as a rule, from other sources.

-And if assistance forced? what to do if you use?

-If, in your opinion, does not match the energy expended suppose, it's better or renounce such work or indeed to believe her. But in no case do not cultivate negative sense and not the idea of "new faces". " Women 's" and " men 's" money

-More peculiar to have money: men or women? (Question, of course, discriminatory, but in our minds quite firmly rooted image male earner.)

-I think those who thirst for money and activity (thirst is not in terms of greed and miser, and in terms of passions). Moreover, given the psychological differences between women and men, a large sex more peculiar to earn money. In this case, men are satisfied and happy, so they are asserting themselves. A woman may be quite simply getting money-for example, the husband, gift, inheritance (no way to earn it). And if it is able to understand that its energy and caring Man House child are costly, it will be quite comfortable when she will not earn.

-So caring and love are the monetary equivalent of?

-Understand energy money very connected with sexual energy and vigor of love. And when you see this link, you can perform parallel. But articulate in this matter, because it is important to treat each case individually. To understand this relationship, man you must feel. And if you still try to summarize, the strength of the women in acrimony, it maintains internal work. For men more characteristically reflect their feelings in external activities: bring in the Mammoth Cave or well-being. If tasks men-change the world, women-inspire him.

-It turns out that lack of love leads to more money?

-Possible. Any interaction is the exchange of energy. And woman affect the financial position of men much more than he thinks. It makes him happy, fortunate, and meaningful.

Can I buy health? (Liberal derogation)

As you know, the possibility of medicine rather broad restricted the ability of the patient. And if health for money not money, health care and medicines can be self-supporting. So whether health (and adequate nutrition, vitamins, and disease prevention, and full rest) of material well-being?

-I think that health depends largely on the human person his maturity, education, respect for themselves. Indeed, stupid people with big money much more likely to break down their health. Imagine what are the opportunities for extravagance, when there is capital?! In addition, we forget about mental health: big money fraught with great psychological pressure and therefore greater danger. Incidentally, money may pose a particularly for those who come to the capital, in remained poor. Such people money conclude that we see the example of many "new" Ukrainians who surround yourself numerous protection, live in constant fear, and hence the neuroses, psychotic and other "good". But the truth for the sake of the health impact and money, and their absence.

-Can be healthy and happy without money?-I am asking the question naive.

-People manage to. But I think that, in the big city. Especially if there are children who are not always are similar in their needs to the parents. If the person was rich and then became a monk, then I would believe that he found himself and happy without money. But if it was originally becomes posturing acquit, hardly speaks the truth. In the Bible: " God better repentant bad than everlasting the just".

In the area of money. Glossary of terms.

Credit (from the Latin credit - letters: he believes) - a loan in cash or merchandise form provided by the borrower to the lender elicited, most often in payment of the fee per credit borrower.

There are the following main forms of credit: short-term issued, usually for a period of up to a year, is designed primarily for the formation of capital enterprises, firms; long-term provided over, and is used mainly as investment capital; guaranteed provided under guarantee collateral; state in which the State is as borrower, the lender is the natural and legal persons acquiring securities (bonds, Treasury certificates, etc.); Bank provided by banks in cash; consumer provided by consumers of goods and services and used to meet consumer needs; commercial provided by legal and natural persons each other debt or provided in the form of sellers buyers (sale in installments); International (foreign) by selling party buying side in the form of advance payment for the purchase of goods from the selling party; mortgage, provided under the real estate.

Mortgage loan is a long-term loans provided by banks mortgages: land, industrial and residential buildings. Mortgage housing credit allows the borrower to obtain use of housing, paying for a relatively small part of the cost of debt to the Bank and introducing the percentage for credit. However, it remains the owner of the Housing Bank to loan repayment, so it becomes the subject of mortgage. If you cannot return the mortgage loan borrower forced to vacate the dwelling, but he returned paid part of the mortgage without return paid earlier per cent.

Related loans-loans, which is due not only prerequisite for timely return of loan and payment of interest on it, but additional agendas creditor. For example, specific purpose loans linking them recipient obligation to spend their only goal.

Calculation on credit - calculation based on providing credit to the buyer of the goods, work to pay for these goods and works. Credit is provided by the seller or supplier, works or bank lending institution. Credit by the seller, the performer of the works are carried out through subsequent payment after delivery of the goods, the execution of works.

Close the loan terminates, the closing loan line of credit.