Rules attract money

Theme money extensive and you can talk about them indefinitely. There are many judgments
relating to money, but we'll cover in this article on how to properly treat money and how
to involve them in their lives. .

Most people don't as they relate to the money. It is obvious that they are not worth the money.

Often you can hear the phrase: "money is the evil ". The money is the material energy contributing equivalent subfolder to translate our goals. Or measure the adequacy of the result which we have achieved as a result of our action.

Theme money extensive and you can talk about them indefinitely. There are many judgments relating to money, but we'll cover in this article on how properly treat money and how to involve them in their lives.

most people don't as they relate to the money. It is obvious that they are not worth the money.

Often you can hear the phrase: "money is the evil ". The money is the material energy contributing equivalent subfolder to translate our goals. Or measure the adequacy of the result which we have achieved as a result of our action.

The amount of money which may be included in our lives, is not absolute. From ourselves determines how many us money. Why then well-off people much less than the desired?

actually answer long known: because the path is the path to achieve wealth changes themselves, their thoughts, their habits, their stereotypes about money. Consciously changing themselves, people are becoming better, more professional, that is, it can perform a greater number of cases in the unit of time do familiar Windows work qualitatively better or even implement complex tasks. As a consequence is the increase in the number of money in his life.

One of my good friend always rejoicing, if in his life that any rises in price. When I asked him why, he replied: "This means that I have become more expensive to God. If I have now pay more, and my financial revenues increase. УIn other words, the personal and professional growth of this man, that he easily has large energy (including financial) threads than before.

Moreover, money is also a source of energy and (or amplifier). And this source of neutral nature, give it a positive or negative connotation can only people. That is why we can say that the fate of concerned people money, power and creatures: money exacerbate human energy itself, its positive or negative qualities, showing them how indicator paper.

Is also often remembering where in our lives is money: we get them from society (Tao things in nature). So how much we put its energy, time, knowledge, experience, as far as we are useful world society, others, so much to us and returned. If you generously towards peace, and peace generously towards you. And still say that with God there are no other hands than human.

Nature gives opportunities each to be healthy, happy, and rich and so on, but not everyone uses these opportunities. Similarly, and money in the world is sufficient for all. Issue only if we take them for themselves.

Accordingly, all our habits concerning money can be divided into those that lead to an increase in their number, and those who are not. We remember that the ratio is primary. How do you treat money to meet us in return?

First rule: create for them the positive image of.

Of positive thinking about money, talk with them. After all, will not treat you when fruit of his labor? And the money is a logical continuation of adopted decisions and you have made your action. Therefore, all wrong thoughts about money you want to replace the opposite and cultivate them through constant repetition. As this may look like?

Is not new, but, nevertheless, false allegation that money dirty (pass through many people and so on). At the inside they level this information perceived: "money is dirty, because those who earn a lot of them, not the most honest ways." This statement has won, we inherited from the Soviet regime, when ordinary people have a lot of money was considered even as Sin, if not. All time was "General", i.e. not having master, not for anyone.

But times are changing, thank God, and one for my colleague, before count any amount of money, washes his hands. Why? "Money considered dirty hands does not feel like," he explains.

The second rule : love money!

Love is the strongest magnet on Earth, which attracts us not only individuals, but also things, circumstances, events in our lives. If you want your desktop every day lying mountains money attract their its love.

And how can be expressed love money? Care about them. In your life should be a place for money: money angle in the apartment and Office; beautiful and spacious, well locked purse in which money easily placed its; answer box or safe to store your cash and, of course, financial instruments through which your cash flows continuously circulate and sated.

Rule three: determine the exact amount of money necessary for youТre

precede a clear and precise purpose for which you need the money and develop a specific plan that will lead you to the desired. Because the money is the tool for the implementation of our purposes, it is precisely the objective should be defined in the first, and then for the realization of this goal прит¤нуть necessary amount. The first was the word ... " (that is, the target). Learn about the history of successful financially successful people, and you know that 100 cases of 100 before these "come" money, they know how much they need and what. If all your goal will be huge (comprising the interests of the large number of people-oriented assistance to other etc.), its implementation will interest much more force than if you wanted to meet individual needs.

Fourth rule: always read the money and carefully enter them.

In addition, that money is power, they also have their tangible manifestation of which, like all tangible need exact dimension. This is also our respect for money and care about them.

Do you have a written record of all your income and expenses? Do large purchase? If you compile monthly personal financial plan?

Money requires proper treatment: you only need to spend them on what they planned; spend less than earn; not set limits on the amount of money coming to you.

In addition, your spending must be justified (buy only the necessary things) and pleasant for you. Learn how to easily admit and let money: any violence binding (assignment) or selfishness leads to stagnation and blocking free income us cash flows. Imagine gravity and spending money in a creative process: money must involve!

I once learned that when send money in transport, cash flow as passes through you, that is, in other words, you ignore money through its consciousness. Since I try to sit at the place where the maximum flow of money is accumulated for the driver and back (surrender).

Rule fifth: thanks every day for the money to you anymore.

Thanks can be expressed in that part of the money (optional) selects the selfless monthly. Charity, altruism (principle tithe paying rest) is a law thanks to the source of spiritual support; act of return society part that we received.

Populate itself positive thinking: believe that money for the necessary for us to be in our lives. Always be brought up in financial matters: with regard to money best is honesty.

Rule sixth: talk with financially successful people and learn from them

Expand your host habits of fulfillment and prosperous human: think as the millionaire, feel them as the millionaire, acquiring the habit of millionaires, independently drafted its status, having from the negative qualities, and hamper you. Imagine yourself in expensive shop and expensive car. Feel her free now! Remove the constraint.

Rule seventh: create your own marks pulling to you money.

For example, I had my purse "money" piglet - symbol years - from telling slogan "path of money consciousness", here's an it to all my friends and acquaintances and say that the little attracts money. How it works? I will explain: what I specify the attention in their lives and let. Of course, this is true for money.

Each time you open your purse, read the label made big red letters "path of money consciousness!" even if over time consciously you are responsible to pay attention to these words, subconscious still automatically reads them and records in memory. Thus you make new, correct attitude towards money.

In addition, I sincerely believe that the little attracts money you fill out the words "the path of money consciousness" of its energy.

What else can add? Teach themselves gleefully and happy to communicate with the money: lift with sex, with careful even to trifles. Remember that Kopeck ruble cherishes? On the other hand, allow yourself to take the very idea of big money in your life. Put the purse money major advantages: let it attracts you large sums of money and increase your self-confidence and in achieving the goal.

In the area of money. Glossary of terms.

LOAN - a treaty, an agreement between the two Contracting Parties: giving loan and the borrower. According to this Treaty, the borrower receives from the lender in property or in the operational management of money or goods, and through specific term shall return equal to the amount of money or goods of equivalent importance and value. The Treaty of the loan, usually grant. The charging of interest shall be allowed in cases stipulated by law, such as debt transactions of credit institutions, pawnshops.
The following types of loans are distinguished: without bond-state loan issued without the sale of bonds; win-win-win a loan on which over the life of the loan everybody bonds; interest-free loan-in which bond owners are not paid annual interest, such as forced public loans; indefinite-domestic public loan edited without obligation to return on the capital sum; external-supplied foreign borrowers or received from foreign creditors; internal-hosted internally in national currency; winning-which is in the form of winnings; guarantee repayment is defined values; State declared the State to meet public expenditure or focused events (loan) to which the State funds; Golden-loan secured some gold generally State; compensation-loan in the form of the agreement on the loan in foreign currency in exchange for a loan in the domestic currency, shall apply to prevent and neutralize foreign exchange risk and currency restrictions; intergovernmental international credit in the form of one country from another country goods or money under conditions of urgency and return for a fee; bond-bond by issuing the borrower; save-loan with option in the form of debt obligation, according to which the creditor, within limits and under certain conditions, the right choice of repayment of the loan, such as the ability to repay the loan, require the borrower or its part in currency other than the one in which it was granted; open-loan subscription which is not yet complete; per-loan on which income paid per cent of the capital loan; bond holders, which ensures a regular solid income, but are not obligated to return in due to term capital amount of debt; "trimmed"-loan provided for the amount of less than the full value of its security; special indefinite loan on which way the market loan capital and loan equivalent to own assets of the borrower; task-state loan, stays with the proviso that it funds will be used strictly for the use, predetermined targets.