Secrets of attraction of wealth

Rated human priorities have money. You, however, can say that it is not. However, if you open
with itself, this makes undeniable (you're reading this article is not for the sake of curiosity
and think to find the secret, which helps you fabulous become rich ...)

So, very interesting picture we can see this: on the one hand people need money and passionately committed to rich and happy life, and on the other hand we popularly accepted "that money.

In General, schizophrenia a, which in practical results in permanent concern for their future, fear and uncertainty. I will be with you the maximum an honest and candid: how would you not afraid, become rich you ... have to.

Let's, secret riches:

If you persist in their desire to enough, the money will begin to be around you in a solid the stack, at the time I was pleasantly surprise, that in fact this secret works.

Recounting their thoughts and feelings on the matter, I undertake to argue that you, as people educated, reading this text not believe in any tales about the wonders and the magic. And I too in my head are not especially the trust what I told the successful people on the pages of his books. But deep in your heart, I really would like this to believe ...

In General, I believe only when in my hands turned out several million rubles in cash in a nice eye the paper mills and five thousand dinars. And then I looked, camera, but did not believe their eyes, I remember only your amazement: "I so wanted to be a millionaire! Do I really pulled her against him that money into their own hands? And this is now my reality?! Maybe I still sleep? But no, I'm not sleep. sleep. Now you want anything else want to ...-thought I. "

So if you're rich, you understand what it is I, if not, necessarily understands me ... when be unjustly enriched! This here is a paradox.

Therefore, aware that I do not understand you, I'm ... Magic inside us.

We all have of two-three parts:

1 - Head, in which many different thoughts and votes who know that properly, and that is possible and impossible. I call this place easily and with love-box with dreams "or" Kartoteka inscriptions. All there is not true.

2 - Heart, in which there is only the truth and nothing but the truth. I call it "the door in the true reality" or simply "light source".

3 - Foot and body is without deliberately and familiar reactions and behavior. I refer to the "my work or my servant. It does everything I order.

Imagine that you have purchased a new great unit that can do all that you desire, but the statement you issue forgotten. And that you will do with this super modern piece? Set in the corner or do different want to press full screen mode on your, after which will endeavor to remember what button is responsible for what: that it includes and what turns.

So this a great thing is you. But only God why the statement on the application somewhere Affair...

All his life, I was looking for this statement, but found it only once learned what button is responsible for what. Paradox (again!)

So what we have: thing consisting of three parts, called the three. Now you need to correctly compile the device, and it will not work properly, and will do what it is.

In General, I have decided that God gave me this thing, i.e. itself (in the sense of me), and gave me a consciousness, that means it's consciousness can determine that is responsible for what and how to collect works correctly.

In childhood we took this constructor "Lego" and converged part as all converged:

Took the head ... "I am clever! I am clever! "and other noises from ordering the spare.

Then it was rear, feet. In a sense ... everything body. And the heart threw as a spare part.

Because the sincerity and feelings in modern society indecent and cause discomfort, we your heart closed and somewhere from itself hid. Only where, forgotten.

Well, here's a horrible we double unity.

In this condition people constantly something not satisfied.

Will the body do one idea as Bah, you receive the second, third and watches ... body-servant on his head and does not understand his master and that he actually do ... tries to perform all in my head, but only the short circuit is derived ... Sparks emotion fly in all parties, and the result ... "as usual"

I watched it own connection, and decided that if there is a short circuit and sparks fly in all parties, then something wrong ... you want to redo the converged is a device, even without the desired direction.

I remember where I heart-the hide ... so it, small my lies in wide grudges, bitter mould frustration is covered. Well, that happened in time for you to find, and that nobody would and was rotting. Remained clean, clean ... ask forgiveness for their foolishness.

Oops, it revived, as pigeon, scared in my hands, "are you my good! enjoying, rivers, I will give up? Not upset, more I don't leave you one more I not dropped I to bring! "he leads grudges and mould of frustration. launder tears of repentance. Circled towards care and attention, so that it the things. From the excess of my attention was hot and pleasantly soft to the touch. And now it as new! Native as small child.

"Apparently the heart is the battery power generator for electricity muscle engines. Without it, the robot body can work, but quickly tire "thought I.

Everything recalculate: head 1 piece, legs 1 piece ... (i.e. body). Everything in place.

Here is quite another matter! Here are the same now only with normal people something to communicate, as head of me now-servant and doing all that tells the heart. This is not normal! Because all talk your head, and not the heart ...

Summary. That thing (I) properly and that it intended to do, you need to build it in three and walking, accustomed live.

Feeling very similar to the discomfort of new shoes, which over time, to post and becomes very easy.

Secrets of attraction of wealth :

1 - Head you want to present yourself already wealthy man who lives its packed with an abundance of life and not draws on this particular attention, since it is the norm for him.

Instead of constantly to flee and done, stop and look at the abundance that surrounds you already ... then you already possess?

2 - The most important thing at the level of the heart feel that you have the most extensive and the luck people on Earth. Because you already have it and it ... (for example, partner, hands and feet on the ground and so on.) In General, pay attention to all that already gives you the feeling of wealth and happiness.

The most important to your heart was open to the flow of plenty.

Such accept like, so if you already feel rich, all space laws will be pulled toward more wealth. However, if you feel the poor, will attract a similar-even more poverty.

3 - More importantly than second is your actions. How you treat as a rich man or … as very rich? If your actions are based on fear for their future, it then and will happen.

Want to learn to believe and trust that all will be well, even if this yet. And this cannot be explained, this can only feel.

If you are sufficiently persist in their domestic decision and configured to abundance, accept.

Remember this, attracts like this:
Rich attracts wealth
Lean attracts poverty
Healthy attracts health
Enamored one attracts love surrounding
If you turned the world rear stupid to wait for the other.
Rotate the world face and smile, and the world needs your answer!