Omens and money

1. Money like compliments. If you want to make friends with money Ц please respect them.
Cannot be money in your pocket, bad without purse or purses. A place to store money purse,
purses, answer box, Е) must be beautiful. Any money is not just strips with numbers and
characters, and quite special and wonderful phenomenon of human society.

2. Money like account. Frequently recalculate money. recalculate, compress them firmly in the hands and tell them: "When you squeeze money collapse them, otherwise nothing happens.

3. Funny people attract money. Often smile and laugh at.

4.Color purse for money must be placed, "noble" and "warm". Dark wallets-wallets "colors of poverty".

5.If you purchased a new purse, do not use it immediately. Do the ritual preparation purse. Move the purse to mouth and breathe it 7 times. Then turn it into the hands of 7 times and breathe it again. Tap themselves on the palms or purse on the tibia 3 times. Putting in the purse of his first three coins in the marital bed at Clay 3 nights. After this purse aroma women's spirits and withstand at least a week.

6. Keep the lid closed toilet in his house, so that no leaving energy welfare.

7. Under the sill hold coin (silver). Overstepping through threshold: Say I home and money for me.

8. Generously let's tip for well made, you will return to three times more.

9. Not to reserve a seat and not return money to the evening. If the situation without going, put money on the floor, table vanity. Only not on the dining table.

10.Take the money left hand, give right.

11. Money must always be in circulation. You cannot store a large amount at home. Money like traffic, this is their native environment.

12. You want to receive money with pleasure, and give them without regret.

13. Never ask a goal, the accumulation of money, because the money cannot be and are only a means to achieve the objectives.

14. If you have seen on the road to coin, necessarily lift if you qualify, you show their contempt for the money.

15. All rituals for money are rising moon.

Well-being for you!